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DeepNLP is a shared conda module on cheaha. The intended scope of the module is NLP libraries related to Deep Learning. The base Anaconda3/5.2.0 module may contain some DeepLearning libraries (currently Tensorflow is included) and some general purpose NLP libraries (genism, nltk) but this module is specific for NLP research related to Deep Learning. Typically the base Anaconda3/5.2.0 is loaded first. Current modules in DeepNLP include pytorch 0.4 and flair 0.2.

DeepNLP can be activated by:

conda activate /share/apps/rc/software/Anaconda3/5.2.0/envs/DeepNLP

The conda program used should be defined in the users bashrc as follow:

. /share/apps/rc/software/Anaconda3/5.2.0/etc/profile.d/