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Collaborator Account

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This Page lays down the step for you as a UAB employee to request for a cheaha account for your collaborator.


Create XIAS Account

XIAS Accounts, or external access account. allows UAB employees to sponsor external collaborators to utilize some of the UAB resources for which the user has been granted access. Creating XIAS account is a self-service interface which allows you to sponsor and create an account for your collaborator at XIAS website.

For additional information, see the XIAS help page.

When you go through the sponsorship process you are stating that you know the individual(s) and are responsible for their actions while they are using the XIAS accounts.

Create a site

When you go to the XIAS website, you'll notice two options on the left-hand panel: Manage Projects/Sites and Manage Users.

  • Choose Manage Projects/sites.
  • Over there click on New to create a new site.
  • Fill in all the information i.e. Short Description, Long Description, Start date and End date.
    • Remember that your users cannot have End date beyond your sites End date.
    • Note that the start and end dates should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD
    • URIs are the resources that the sponsored users should have access to. If the resources are applications or servers then the manager of that resource must do what is necessary within that resource to authorize the external users to gain access.
  • In the URIs section: fill out VPN.DPO.UAB.EDU and
  • Click on Add button to create the site.

Create a user

  • Now choose Manage Users. from the left hand panel.
  • In the drop-down select your XIAS site.
  • To add new users click the Register button. To review the users already there and change their end date click the List button.
  • To register new user(s) enter an end date for that user’s access.
    • The date must be on or before the end date for the site and in the format YYYY-MM-DD
  • Enter the email addresses of the user(s) (your collaborator's email) in the box under the end date. You can add multiple users by putting each on a separate line.


Once you have gone through the above steps, your collaborator should receive an automated email from XIAS with a code that they can use to complete their registration.

Request an account on cheaha

Once you have completed the steps of adding/sponsoring XIAS account for your collaborator, send us an email on with information about the collaborator. Please don't forget to include their PrimaryID and email address which you used to create their XIAS account, as it would become their Username on Cheaha.