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There would be no VBC session on Monday, Nov 12th 2018. If you have any questions, please send an email to Research Computing at


CINL Brain Core is an arm of the Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory. The original "Visual Brain Core" was made possible by a generous grant from UAB's HSF/GEF grant program. Given that our resources ended up being used by a broader base of users than just vision researchers, we've dropped the "visual" from our name. Also, we're continuing our work in collaboration with UAB's Civitan International Neuroimaging Lab, and so we're officially the CINL Brain Core now.


CINL Brain Core Mission

Our mission is to help produce high quality, cutting edge research examining the visual brain. To achieve this, we will help investigators overcome some common barriers to performing high quality vision research, and provide forums to discuss new ideas and research techniques.

The 5 aims of the Brain Core

Visual Brain Core Poster

Information For CINL Brain Core

CINL Brain Core Personnel and Office Hours

    • Office Hours:
    • Monday, 10:00 am - noon, Civitan International Research Center, Second floor outside room 210.
  • Ravi Tripathi, MS: Computer Systems Specialist. Consultation on high performance computing and algorithm issues.
    • Thursday, 10:00 am - noon, Edge of Chaos in Lister Hill Library.
  • Mark Bolding, Ph.D. will discuss MR physics related questions. Ravi Tripathi, MS: Computer Systems Specialist. Consultation on high performance computing and algorithm issues.

CINL Brain Core Seminar Series and Neuroimaging Journal Club

Brain Core seminar series includes high level speakers usually from outside UAB. Every second Friday at noon in CIRC 120. We will discuss new ideas and techniques in brain imaging. During other fridays at noon in CIRC 120, we have Neuroimaging Journal Club. The Neuroimaging journal club is for UAB and Auburn researchers to share their work, or journal articles of their interest with our neuroimaging community. Information about this colloquium is here: CINL page .

[Older website for speakers]

For Use in Grant Proposals:

The CINL Brain Core is supported by users. For this reason, we ask that you include use of the Brain Core resources in the budget of your upcoming grants. Quotations from previous proposals are provided here: Grant Proposal Language.

Mailing List:

Please follow these instructions to subscribe to the ‘CINL-NOTICE’ listserv:

Click here, or alternatively, send an email to with the email body as sub cinl-notice. After which you’ll receive an email to confirm your email address.

After confirming your email address, you would start receiving cancellation emails from others on the list as well as be able to send your own notifications .


Neuroimaging at UAB

UAB Neuroimaging Facilities

[ Alabama Advanced Imaging Consortium Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory

UAB-HSF MEG Laboratory

Small Animal Imaging Shared Facility

Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience Labs at UAB

(UAB folks, please let us know if your lab should be included on this list, or add more information about it!)

Here is a partial list of manuscripts that have resulted from CINL and Visual Brain Core resources.

Cluster Computing Environment at UAB: Cheaha

  • Cheaha_GettingStarted - information on getting an account and learning about how to use the cluster
  • Cheaha - background information on the cluster useful for grants and publications

UAB-Auburn University Collaboration for Neuroimaging

Auburn University MRI Research Center Siemens Magnetom 7T

UAB & Auburn Neuroimaging Colloquium

  • Neuroimaging journal Club. Shared across campuses via GoToMeeting.

To get on our mailing list, click here

UAB & Auburn Neuroimaging Retreat

How To...

Computer and coding related how-to's

Using Linux



[Saving Data in Box]

fMRI related how-to's and important links


Brain atlases

Cool Websites for Beginners

UAB Neuroimaging Tools and How-To's (some require blazer id)

Imaging Protocols

Analysis Scripts

Behavioral data analysis techniques

Institutional Review Board