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The OSG Client software allows you to submit jobs and transfer files on SURAgrid. It includes the standard Globus GRAM and GridFTP clients as well as a Condor server to facilitate the submission of Condor-G jobs to remote resources. The OSG Client does not include the components to interface with your local batch scheduler - these are included in the OSG Compute Element software.


  • A host certificate is not required for an OSG Client Installation.
  • Root access to a system or VM running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6 (or CentOS 5/6 or Scientific Linux 5/6).
  • A static IP address and valid DNS entry.
  • Decide on inbound Globus TCP port range, defined in GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE environment variable. 5,000 ports should be more than sufficient. E.g., GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE=20000:24999
  • Decide on outbound Globus TCP source port range, defined in GLOBUS_TCP_SOURCE_RANGE environment variable (only necessary if your firewall restricts outbound TCP ports).
  • Coordinate with your network administrator for firewall port openings for those defined in GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE and GLOBUS_TCP_SOURCE_RANGE (if necessary).


Important: umask 022 - to ensure that everything is installed with proper permissions.

We direct you to the OSG Client Installation Instructions. After you have completed the prerequisites, the installation and configuration time is about 15 minutes with a good Internet connection.

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