Call Notes Oct. 18, 2013

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Call Notes Oct 18, 2013 SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group

From 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time)

On Call:

Alan Sill (TTU)

Dong Jeong (UDC)

Jerry Perez (TTU)

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. Discussion about online survey results

A summary survey report is shared among attendees.

Identifying possible short-term goal and long-term goal in COWG should be performed (by Alan). The short-term goal might be to increase or raise members. For the long-term goal, outreach effort should be considered. For this, TTU can consider initiating outreach workshop. NSF solicitation ( can also be considered with emphasizing SURAgrid and outreach. For increasing members in COWG and their involvement, it is needed to contact them directly (by Alan).


Alan is going to find all SURAgrid members’ contact information (phone numbers).

Dong is going to send email to the members who responded to the survey asking about their wiliness to join the COWG. In addition, he is going to send the summary result along with the survey result to COWG members.

2. Other Discussions

Alan talked about the CloudPlugFest at

This workshop primary focuses on publishing and sharing documentations related to Cloud and Grid computing. More global considerations are connected to share their experience and show practices with demonstrations.

As a following up information, Alan shared useful information through email as - Cloud Plugfest tutorial on installing 5 different open source cloud stacks: - Cloud Interoperability Workshop from last month's meeting in Madrid co-located wight he EGI Federated Cloud meeting and Technical Forum: - Full-length video of Steve Timm giving a 1-hour keynote talk about use of OpenNebula at Fermilab for their FermiCloud:

(This is a very nice talk and not just limited to OpenNebula, but also talking about the general background, environment and use of FermiCloud.)

NSF solicitation cloud ( - Up to 2 or large cloud researches - Focusing on outreach community

Jerry talked about the Windows Azure for research. Research development and university organization focuses on grant. Populating data on grid is important. In detail, Windows or Linux servers are utilized with virtualized CPUs. Create images and install instances is also the key when deploying modules and platforms. In addition, trouble shooting is also another key issue. MS research is soliciting proposals for the use of Azure in research. Specific proposal should have a description about how many CPUs and storage are needed to be performed the proposed research. For one year, they allowed to use the system for free to research organizations. Depending on what we are doing, we can request or purchased large cloud capacity. Open source cloud project is an alternative option.

Commercial or open clouds are important when maintaining rubrics for users. What make grid difficult? Why not many users? We are not making? OCCI should be considered.

How to solve problems? There is no difference between systems Data Grid become a cloud Data Grid + Cloud SURAgrid is local storage Globus Grid source is much large and work it as a standard.

3. Next Meeting

Next meeting has been scheduled on Nov. 15 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time).

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