Call Notes Nov. 16, 2012

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Call Notes Nov. 16, 2012 COWG SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group Nov. 16, 2012 from 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call:

  Alan Sill (TTU)
  Dong Jeong (UDC)

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. Future Direction of COWG

[Alan Sill] Initiating or making COWG members contribute to SAJACC (Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing).

[Dong Jeong] Since people focus on creating cloud standard, it is going to be a good opportunity for COWG members contributing to this effort.

[Alan Sill] NIST Cloud Computing Test Scenario Use Cases (Version 1) can be found at

To use SAJACC, test driver can be used at . With the driver, use cases can be tested written in Version 1. Since the version 2 is under development, COWG members can join to contribute their examples or samples to other people who are interested in cloud computing technology.

For COWG members, three directional guidelines are provided.

- First, looking at the NIST Cloud Computing Test Scenario Use Cases (Version 1). If there are something you have already knew (but not described in the version 1), you can start creating scenarios as use cases for any cloud computing environments.

- Second, join the bi-weekly SAJACC meeting is strongly recommended. The meeting information can be found at

- Lastly, COWG is encouraging all COWG members joining the NIST workshop (Gaithersburg): For this workshop, on-line registration will be posted soon. (Registration would be free, but seats might be limited.).

[Dong Jeong] Creating cloud computing standard is going to be continued? There might be some efforts of creating cloud computing standard. For COWG members, we definitely should consider Futuregrid + COWG (use SAJACC to educate people and to find common grounds as standards).

2. Next Meeting

Next meeting has been scheduled on Dec. 21 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time).

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