Call Notes March 16, 2012

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SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group
March 16, 2012 from 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call:

   Dong Jeong
   Phil Yang
   Art Vandenberg
   Nian Zhang

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. Creating a charter draft for SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group

- UDC cloud has been added as an example to the charter draft item 1) for SG tests (for students access).

- GMU is interested in using UDC cloud (by Phil Yang).

- Since there is no formal method of providing UDC cloud, SGCOWG will develop a formal process while we are on the move (by Dong)

- Philip recommended some changes related to the objectives (based on ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster, see his email 3/16/2012).

- Additional information about UDC and GMU cloud settings.

UDC: 26 nodes (including a server node) running Hadoop cloud under Ubuntu. GMU: 27 nodes (purchased through the partnership SURA had with DELL) running Eucalyptus cloud which can be available to the SGCOWG in about 1-2 months. Based on the discussion, the charter draft has been revised as follows:


The SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group (SGCOWG) has the objectives of testing, evaluation, and adoption of cloud computing technologies for SURAgrid community's research and applications. SGCOWG activities will include:

1) Identify small scope test experiments using clouds (example: various SGVO software installs using cloud based resources; or accessing UDC cloud from TTU and/or GMU for SG tests);

2) Review options for connecting with other cloud initiatives (example: FutureGrid, UDC Cloud); and provide input on cloud computing architecture, reference models, and relevant new technologies.

3) Provide a forum for communication and exchange of experiences in addressing these focus areas;

4) Stay attuned to possible funding options.

Working group will report quarterly to SURAgrid Governance Committee on progress and outcomes.

The charter should be presented to the SURAgrid Governance Committee for review, comment and approval. Since we are planning to present the draft to the SURAgrid Governance Committee on March 26, please provide your valuable comments no later than March 22.

2. Discussion about action items from the previous meeting (2/17/2012)


a. Request a FutureGrid ( account, project

Status: ART has obtained an account and has been approved for "SGVO Cloud Options Working Group" project!

INFO: Others can join FutureGrid's "SGVO Cloud Options Working Group" project (first get FutureGrid account, and then select to Join. (FutureGrid's "SGVO Cloud Options Working Group" project is a public project and Art V. will receive an email as people join.)

b. Access to UDC cloud for TTU -- Dong and Anupam, Jerry

Status: No request from TTU


a. Requests to UDC cloud from TTU. Anupam and Jerry.


a. Art will work on initial SGVO sw install week of March 26.

b. Phil Yang is interested in Hadoop and MapReduce (UDC cloud supports) and he will request account.

c. Dong will follow UDC appropriate access rules for the UDC cloud (SSH access, account name./password, user follow UDC Acceptable Use Policy...). At the same time, UDC will work with SG Cloud Options Working Group to develop account access procedures, policies, etc.

3. Other info:

Informational: 1st Intl IBM Cloud Academy Conf to be held April 19-20, Raleigh NC (see:

4. Next Meeting

Next meeting has been scheduled on April 20 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time). However, since some members are planning to attend the Cloud Academy Conference, the schedule can be adjusted to April 13.

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