Call Notes June 21, 2013

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Call Notes Feb. 15, 2013 COWG SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group From 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call: Alan Sill (TTU), Dong Jeong (UDC)

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. Forming online survey questions

A discussion about the survey questions has been performed to identify possible issues or drawbacks. The primary consideration of conducting this survey is to identify possible future directions.


Based on the primary draft online survey questions,

1. Convert the list of SURAgrid institution ( as pull-down menu.

2. Add a technical question about acknowledgement of HADOOP, OPEN STACK, Open Nebula, etc.

3. Occi working group – designing API works for other clouds.

It is a standard API that works on various cloud services.

Openstack –

Apache cloud stack –

Open Nebula – very sophisticated and managed by Europe (Open source project).

Open source software to deploy and manage various cloud platforms

2. Workshop Announcement

CAC 2013 (The ACM Cloud and Autonomic Computing Conference)

Workshop – autonomous management of grid and cloud computing at CAC 2013.

3. Next Meeting

Next scheduled meeting is on July 13 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time).

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