Call Notes July 20, 2012

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SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group
July 20, 2012 from 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call:

   Alan Sill (TTU)
   Byunggu Yu (UDC)
   Dong Jeong (UDC)
   Nian Zhang (UDC)

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. Possible COWG Direction (by Byunggu).

(1) Working on OSG Hadoop test

Byunggu: OSG version 3 (software stack) supports hadoop-distributed file system. It is important to perform a study based on utilizing OSG Hadoop.

Alan: Although OSG somewhat supports Hadoop, the primary purpose of utilizing hadoop is to support a distributed file system.

The links shown below are useful for setting up hadoop-distributed file system.

Byunggu: For computing and computational challenge, map-reduce (MR) method is utilized.

(2) Web site

Byunggu: UDC is planning to create a website to provide a detailed information how to use the UDC cloud.

Dong: Wikipages should be added to share knowledge or information how to use cloud computing technologies.

(3) Research in Big Data

Byunggu: NIST has a Big-Data research team. Since NIST team does not have current on-going research directions, COWG can propose possible research projects. Building a collaboration between NIST Big-Data research team and COWG is a good opportunity to motive and encourage COWG members to join possible research activities. NIST Big-Data resaerch team is primary focusing on security concerns.

Since Byunggu has a relationship with the NIST Big-Data research team, he will lead this effort.

(4) zero-energy cloud (utilizing the UDC's renewable energy station)

Byunggu: Since the UDC team is working on building a zero-energy cloud, the UDC team is trying to build a collaborative research team (asking to all COWG members) concentrating on this research activity.

Byunggu suggested the above four items as possible action items. However, it is necessary to have an additional discussion with other members.

2. Other Information (by Alan)

Official "PlugFests" events website is on (, which is to promote exploration of interoperability and hope for some STANDARD. People can join this events to share ideas and discussion topics.

3. FutureGrid SURACloud test project (by Alan)

Joining FutureGrid Cloud Options Working Group project at

Alan: Since SURAgrid is planning to use FutureGrid, all COWG members are encouraged to join this project by going and signing up at For joining the project, a free user account needs to be created first.

- Here is the tutorial how to use at

- Information about the FutureGrid services can be found at

Since Art is retired, Dong and Alan are going to manage the Futuregrid SURAcloud test project (

4. Next Meeting Next meeting has been scheduled on August 17 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time).

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