Call Notes April 13, 2012

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SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group
April 13, 2012 from 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call:

   Amit H. Kumar
   Alan Sill
   Dong Jeong
   Nian Zhang

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. The changes in the charter draft for SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group

- The revised charter draft has been agreed by working group

2. Discussion about action items


a. Submitting the charter draft to the SGC Status: Minor changes have been made and the changes have been agreed by working group. The final version is going to be submitted to the SGC.

b. Providing access permissions for the UDC cloud to TTU and GMU. Status: Dong provided access permissions to TTU and GMU.


a. Working on creating access rules for the UDC cloud (SSH access, account name./password, user follow UDC Acceptable Use Policy...). Status: Dong will follow existing policies (SGVO’s or SURAgrid VOMRS server’s) to form a policy for the UDC cloud. SURAgrid VOMRS server url is

b. Working on initial SGVO sw install (by Art). Status: Art will continue working on this.


a. Alan will check with Jerry and Anypam to see if the access to the UDC cloud works for them.

b. Adding standards interfaces to existing software stacks (by Alan)

c. Green energy applications (by UDC research team)

3. Other Discussion:

a. FutureGrid SURACloud test project status

- As indicated in the March meeting minutes, a FutureGrid account has been obtained and approved for "SGVO Cloud Options Working Group" project at - We can discuss about any current status or concerns continuously in following monthly meetings. - All members are encouraged to join this project by going and signing up at For joining the project, a free user account needs to be created first. Send e-mail to Art if you have questions on membership.

b. Cloud stack components and candidates

- As Alan pointed out, there are about five cloud stack components available as Nimbus (not standard), OpenStack (standard), OpenNebula (standard, popular in Europe), Eucalyptus 3 (Eucalyptus 2 is in TTU – network issue needs to be solved.), and Nimbula (Commercial cloud computing platform, but free for a small number of processors). Although combining Cloud + Grid is an ideal future direction, it is not an easy work because Grid computing is a service oriented computing by providing solutions to submit jobs and run the submitted jobs in the grid computing facility. Cloud computing is a bit different in terms of providing both solution + control of operating systems. Therefore, the 1st step is to find a proper cloud stack component (or build ourselves) to connect all existing cloud computing facilities together. At the same time, understanding virtualization concepts utilized in FutureGrid, which supports connections to Nimbus or others, is important.

c. Proposed research topics - what shall we work on? (Implementations of standards, outreach, etc....)

- Adding standards interfaces to existing software stacks (by Alan) - Green energy applications (by UDC research team)

4. Next Meeting Next meeting has been scheduled on May 18 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time).

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