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Some potential edits for this page or possibly a new operating FAQ

For section 4:

Q: How do I get my DoE Grids CA certificate to access SGVO resources?

A:  Goto, fill out your name, email addrss, phone number.  Select SGVO as your virtial organization.  For the sponsor, you will need to list your campus SGVO sponsor.  List their named, email, and phone number.  Optionally, if you are renewing an existing DoE Grids cert you can enter the DN of that cert in the the "Expired Certificate" Section.  To see the DN you can use a command like `openssl x509 -subject -noout < your-doe-cert.pem` or read the instructions on this form.

During the initlial phases of SGVO set up, the number of sponsors is limited.  If you don't know who your sponsor is, please contact the SURAgrid support list suragrid@....

Make sure the "High Grade" security certificate (drop down at bottom) is selected.

Notes: Don't use Google Chrome.  Firefox, IE, and Safari 13:17, 2 May 2011 (CDT)

Q: How to import DoE cert to safari on Mac OS 10.6?

A: As received in your email from, follow the link to import the certificate to browser.

 * Click the link/button Import Certificate at the bottom of the page following the certificate url. 

 * Double-click on the certificate (for safari its of the extension .p7s) in the safari Download's window. This will bring up the application -

 * Choose a keychain (login/Microsoft_Intermediate_certificates/System)  from the pop-up menu and click OK.

Ref: Mac OS 10.6 - Adding certificates to keychain

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