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On April 16, the SURAgrid Governance Committee approved the charter for the Cloud Options Working group.  Announced on the SURAgrid commutity list and copied below.

SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group Charter March 26, 2012


The goal of SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group (SGCOWG) is to investigate cloud computing options that would support SURAgrid infrastructure and benefit our SURAgrid institutions. SURAgrid is currently initiating Open Science Grid Virtual Organization (SGVO), which focuses on making Open Science Grid (OSG) easier to deploy, run, and maintain scientific applications on SURAgrid. Similar to that activity by SGVO, we are looking for cloud computing activities that can be complementary and supportive to SURAgrid’s role of sharing institutional computing resources. SGCOWG will commence at a pace and frequency determined by the WG and its members in order to accomplish objectives.

Members of that Working Group include:

  • Jerry Perez, Philip Smith, Alan Sill, Texas Tech University
  • Sandra Harper, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Sergio Tafur, University of Central Florida
  • Amit H. Kumar, Old Dominion University
  • Archit Kulshrestha
  • Chaowei Yang, George Mason University
  • Art Vandenberg, Georgia State University
  • Byunggu Yu, Dong H Jeong, Nian Zhang, University of the District of Columbia


The SGCOWG has the objectives of testing, evaluation, and adoption of cloud computing technologies for SURAgrid community's research and applications. SGCOWG activities will include:

  1. Identify small scope test experiments using clouds (example: various SGVO software installs using cloud based resources; or accessing UDC cloud from TTU and/or GMU for SG tests);
    1. Recommended use of cloud for this experiment is to set up a submit node that allows SURAgrid members to login in and submit jobs to SURAgrid VO resources via Condor. This is a similar service provided by Engage VO and would be very useful.
    2. Additional or alternative test would be to cerate a VM instance for the OSG-CE that could be hosted by SURAgrid site to expose their compute resource via SURAgrid VO.
  2. Review options for connecting with other cloud initiatives (example: FutureGrid, UDC Cloud); and provide input on cloud computing architecture, reference models, and relevant new technologies.
  3. Provide a forum for communication and exchange of experiences in addressing these focus areas; 4) Stay attuned to possible funding options.

Working group will report quarterly to SURAgrid Governance Committee on progress and outcomes. All members may participate in discussion of SGCOWG activities.

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