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Call Topic

Application Discovery and Deployment Strategies for SURAgrid


Discovering where users can run applications on OSG resources supporting the SURAgrid VO is key to making the grid easier to use. Mapping the availability of applications across resources is a key function of the SURAgrid community.

Gabriele Garzoglio and Marko Slyz from the OSG VO forum will give an overview of software distribution practices of various VOs on OSG to help us understand options available as we build a solution for SURAgrid VO.

Steve Johnson (TAMU) and David Mathews-Morgan (UGA) will provide an over of early work on an approach to advertise site applications.

Please join us for this important community call on March 5th at 2pm Eastern and help shape SURAgrid operations to benefit the science at your campus.

Presentation Materials


Conference Bridge: 800-377-8846 Pin: 14421498

Discussion Summary / Notes from the Community

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