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This page details the installation of the Open Science Grid software stack on SURAgrid systems.



OSG Documentation Home

Read this first! The notes below are based on the OSG Documentation. You should be able to follow the OSG installation instructions and the notes below to hopefully have a working resource.

User Documentation

Requesting Personal Certificates

Registering DN with SURAgrid VOMRS

Installing the OSG Client Software

Running test jobs in the SURAgrid VO

System Documentation

These steps cover the information you will need to add your compute resource to OSG and make it available to SURAgrid members.

Compute Element Installation Notes

  1. OIM Registration
  2. Pacman
  3. Compute Element and Batch Scheduler Interface
  4. Compute Element Configuration
  5. Compute Element Post Installation
  6. Compute Element Start/Stop
  7. Worker Node Installation
  8. Client Installation
  9. Grid User Management System (GUMS)
  10. Environment Variables

System Certificates

Requesting Certificates


If you need help with these steps please send questions via email to suragrid-support. This group requires a subscription to post. If you are not yet a member of suragrid-support, please send an email with the text 'SUBSCRIBE suragrid-support' to listserv@sura before submitting your support request.

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