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SURAgrid Community Call November 2013

Cloud Options Working Group Survey Results

Byunggu Yu of the University of the District of Columbia, presented the results of the SURAgrid Cloud Survey that the Cloud Options Working Group conducted of SURAgrid members in August 2013.

The SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group (COWG) is composed of multiple SURAgrid members and is working on setting long term goals for cloud usage at member sites and within SURAgrid.

The results of the survey were presented followed by general discussion.

Additional References

  • NSF Cloud survey report - Investigation to better understand how cloud is used across a wide variety of scientific fields and the humanities, arts, and social sciences. The project descriptions in this report illustrate the potential of cloud in accelerating research, enhancing collaboration, and enriching education. Cloud users provided extensive data on core usage, preferred storage, bandwidth, etc. and described cloud benefits and limitations for their specific use case.
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