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SURAgrid Community Call December 2013

Presentation and Discussion

Our community call topic for December was an update on the XSEDE Campus Bridging project.

Jim Ferguson, from the XSEDE Project Team will provide an update on the XSEDE Campus Bridging Project. The goal of the XSEDE campus bridging project is to enable virtual proximity: the seamlessly integrated use among a scientist or engineer’s personal cyberinfrastructure; cyberinfrastructure on the scientist’s campus; cyberinfrastructure at other campuses; and cyberinfrastructure at the regional, national, and international levels; as if they were proximate to the scientist. When working within the context of a Virtual Organization (VO), the goal of campus bridging is to make the “virtual” aspect of the organization irrelevant (or helpful) to the work of the VO.

Jim Ferguson is the Director of Education Outreach & Training for NICS and an XSEDE Education and Outreach Manager. Jim coordinates a wide range of outreach and education related activities associated with NICS, as well as varied responsibilities as a level 3 manager in the Education & Outreach area of the XSEDE project.

XSEDE Campus Bridging is focused on connecting campus HPC platforms to XSEDE resources. The on boarding process is well defined and has a straight forward sequence of steps. The process is much improved to those familiar with the process in TeraGrid. The focus now is to speed up the allocation process.

There is roughly a 5-to-1 allocations-to-request. Indiana and Penguin Computing have also developed a fee-for-cycle service to leverage when it is more effective to buy compute cycles than compete for allocations.

Interfaces to XSEDE include gridftp as the universal file transfer service. Unicore is also available on tier 1 and 2 service provider.

A ROCKS cluster rolls for unicore and client tools has been developed to make it easy to create a client campus HPC environment that is compatible with XSEDE resources.

Support for campus bridging is available via [1]. And a genesis 2 project is available to help folks submit jobs to XSEDE. They are expecting both user and campus operator contact via the support line. The XSEDE campus champion will likely to be brought in on support requests as needed.

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