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SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group
May 18, 2012 from 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call:

   Alan Sill (TTU)
   Amit Kumar (ODU)
   Archit Kulshrestha (?)
   Byunggu Yu (UDC)
   Dong Jeong (UDC)
   Jim Brewer (TTU)
   Nian Zhang (UDC)
   Art Vandenberg (GSU)

AGENDA / Discussion:
1. Working on creating access rules for the UDC cloud (by Dong).
   Dong: UDC is working to establish the access policy/method of access to their hadoop resource.
   Alan: Think less of services we provide, but documentation of how to build / or join other efforts: What are the cloud options? Pluses and minuses of... e.g. wiki as informational
   Amit: Working on FutureGrid, Nimbus cloud... doc of what we are trying, what are problems.
   Archit: Sharing our experiences with each other.
   Art: Will take ACTION ITEM to start the SURAgrid COWG wiki page
   Alan: Identifying "sticking points" and then coordinating how we might address them.
   Byunggu: OSG distribution for Hadoop... UDC is interested in looking into the OSG VO approach; and also a testbed for cloud. ACTION ITEM UDC will look into OSG Hadoop.

2. Working on installing initial SGVO sw (by Art)
   Art: Intended to install/test OSG Client install; have had contact from FutureGrid
   Amit: have installed OSG client stack, had errors when submitting R job to TAMU (per Steve Johnson), Condor errors. (Art mentioned Condor had hardcoded some path names - using hostname and/or ip addresses...)
   Archit: ACTION ITEM - if Amit will send errors he encountered, Archit will try to debug.

3. Checking with Jerry and Anypam to see if the access to the UDC cloud works for them (by Alan).
   Byunggu: Jerry and Anypam have been in email communication. Seems to be moving forward.

4. Adding standards interfaces to existing software stacks (by Alan)
   Alan: site/environment for interoperability testing - to try to get to standards for interop.

   OGF (Open Grid Forum also has "cloud interoperability" working group.

   "PlugFests" events (see: as well to promote exploration of interoperability and hope for some STANDARD.
   The Challenge for Cloud Standards (as any standards): can you (objectively) define, rate measure?

   NIST ( should be involved (they are a standards group?) e.g. can you have numerical rating/accreditation for "interoperability"?
   We have Open Nebula (, Open Stack (, Nimbus (, Eucalyptus (, Amazon EC2 (, VCL ( etc. How to rate?

Links of interest:

5. Cloud application: LIbrary business continuity (by Jim Brewer)
   Jim Brewer, Library interest in cloud computing. Library IT R&D group - discussing business continuity. Interest in how to support library community with a transparent "fail over"? Who are some like contacts interested in this.
   Art: Might contact Gary Crane re the SURA IT committee and the Library initiative that is starting right now on Research Data Management.
   Alan: Perhaps we should consider SURAgrid Library/Cloud WG?

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