Call Notes Feb. 15, 2013

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Call Notes Feb. 15, 2013 COWG SURAgrid Cloud Options Working Group From 10:30AM - 11:30AM (Eastern Time).

On Call: Alan Sill (TTU) Dong Jeong (UDC) Chaowei Yang (GMU)

AGENDA / Discussion:

1. A meeting arrangement related to SAJACC at UDC

General SAJACC link:

SAJACC provide programmable modules (downloadable) -

UDC is going to arrange an onsite meeting at UDC for people coming to D.C. or form neighboring institutions. Onsite and Online communication channel is going to be formed with WebEx.

2. Community building (Grid + Cloud computing)

To emphasize the needs of formulating our direction of COWG, it is important to identify what makes Grid or Cloud Computing important for us. Although it is important to perform “Research & Development”, understanding the needs by the community should be preceded.

- Send or spread out comments with short questions to other people in order to build community outreach.

1) Compile possible questions to ask

2) Build a survey (identifying and listing questions inside of email). This is going to address people’s hesitancy of not doing the survey since they are not sure how much time it takes.

3) For creating short possible questions, we need to have a continuous communication.

- Build possible ideas (communicating with Byunggu Yu through SURAgrid governance committee).

- Take a list of names from SURAgrid website and make a call to ask about possible opinions about the survey questions.

Possible Survey questions (proposed by Alan):

- Are any of the following topics of interest to your organization?

- Technologies to build and operate cloud resources at your institution?

- Technologies to join and participate in a shared academic cloud run by others?

- General courseware and educational materials about cloud computing?

- Same questions for Big Data processing and handling

- Are you aware of or interested in the following specific projects?

- FutureGrid (note: SURAgrid has an active project now)

- NIST SAJACC (SURAgrid has been asked to participate in test assertion design and testing) … (any others??)

- Why using Grid or Cloud Computing? Educational purpose or what?

3. Proposal Development

Chaowei Yang (GMU) is planning to submit a proposal with cloud computing standards for educational purpose. This grant proposal activity of curriculum development with cloud computing standards is interesting and important to address students’ needs with emphasizing the importance of cloud computing standards’ outreach and practical usage. (50-120K: 2-8 small projects for 2years).

4. Conference Information

OGF (Open Grid Forum 37, at The University Of Virginia (March 11-13, 2013)

Registration Information:

Registration Site:

5. Next Meeting

Next scheduled meeting is on March 13 (10:30am-11:30am, Eastern Time). However, due to the time conflict with OGF (Open Grid Forum 37), a proposal of canceling the next meeting will be proposed.

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